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RAD Designs Cake and Event Decorating Contract


RAD Designs agrees to the terms of this contract. The following conditions apply:


1) Only the client (person placing the order) is authorized to make changes on a contract. No other individual (e.g. mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sibling, relative, friend, event planner, etc.) shall contact RAD Designs directly regarding an order. ____________

2) The size of the tiers may be adjusted to accommodate the correct number of servings based on an industry standard slice shown on the price worksheet. RAD Designs will not responsible be for shortage of cake due to incorrect guest counts or cake cutting preference done day of event.____________

3) A minimum retainer of 50% is required to place a cake order and secure a delivery date unless otherwise discussed. The remaining balance is due one (1) week (7 days) for special occasion cakes and four (4) weeks (28 days) for wedding cakes prior to the delivery date. Orders placed less than a week prior for events (4 weeks for weddings) must be paid in full unless otherwise discussed. Any changes to the order or delivery requests are subject to availability, must be made in writing (by email) no later than 1 week prior to delivery, and MAY incur additional charges.___________

4) Initial Deposit for Event must be made by credit/debit card using the attached form below. Additional payments for the event may be made using the payment option here: ___________

5) If contract is cancelled less than 1 week prior to delivery date (4 weeks for wedding), RAD Designs will retain the entire retainer amount. For cancellations prior, 50% of the retainer will be refunded within 90 days. ____________

6) Delivery/setup fee is based on availability, location and time frame, unless otherwise stated. Delivery must be scheduled otherwise the order must be picked up at the designated time and location set by RAD Designs. Client will provide the earliest time an authorized individual will be available to accept the order and the event start time. This creates your delivery window. When the delivery driver is in route, the client will be notified of an exact estimated time of arrival. Clear delivery instructions to location must also be provided and inform RAD Designs of any adverse conditions or obstacles that may hamper the delivery and quality of finished cake. If client elects to pick up and set up the cake, the client assumes all liability and responsibility for the condition of the cake once it leaves the possession of RAD Designs. By initialing this form, RAD Designs is thereby released from any liability of damage to the cake. ____________

7) Outdoor Delivery Disclaimer: Client understands that RAD Designs is not responsible for the condition of products following outdoor set-up. Due to the effects of outdoor weather conditions, table on un-level ground, wind blowing undesirable atmospheric items (e.g., dirt, leaves, or branches), sunlight/extreme heat, insects and other wildlife, it is understood that products such as icings, fillings, chocolate, cake pops, cake decorations, etc, may not hold up and cannot be insured past satisfactory delivery. ____________

8) RAD Designs is also not responsible for any damage to the cake caused by a guest, caterer, or any other person not Roslynn of RAD Designs or one of her representatives. Client agrees to make arrangements for an appropriately secure environment for the cake. ____________

9) Client assumes full responsibility for the event guests and agrees to indemnify and hold RAD Designs harmless from and against all bodily injury, property damage or consequential damages.___________

10) The client is responsible for making sure all non-edible cake décor, including sugar flowers, are removed from the cake before it is cut and served. Sugar flowers are made from edible materials, but are not intended for consumption as wires are added for strength and flexibility to achieve a more natural look. DO NOT EAT DÉCOR. ____________

11) Products supplied from RAD Designs may contain or come in contact with milk, wheat, nuts, cocoa or other allergens. While every precaution will be taken in the cases of known allergies, it remains the responsibility of the client to inform their guests. RAD Designs is not responsible for any allergic reactions. ___________

12) In special cases involving rentals (ie. Cake toppers, cutting supplies, stands, etc.), items must be returned within one weeks (7 days) from the event. A refundable security deposit of $35 is required on all rental items unless otherwise noted. If the items are returned after the 7 days, the client will be refunded 50% of the deposit. If property is returned damage, the deposit is not refundable. ____________

13)  RAD Designs reserves the right to use any photographs of the finished cake for promotion without compensation. Also, any recognition given to RAD Designs (via email, text message, social media, etc.) may be used by Roslynn for creditability/ testimonial purposes. ____________

14)  RAD Designs promises a product of high quality and service, but is not liable for unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather, transportation problems (i.e. traffic delays), illness, accidents, labor disputes or strikes, Acts of God, and other causes beyond normal control. A delay in transit shall not constitute grounds for a discount or refund. If in the event Roslynn becomes ill and is unable to complete the order, the cake and decor services will be cancelled and a full refund will be provided within 30 days or less for cake orders and 90 days for event services. ____________

15) The inspiration and ideas pictures provided are presented as representations. The actual product may vary slightly based on the designer’s creative interpretation, while maintaining the integrity of the overall look. RAD Designs DOES NOT DUPLICATE WORK OF OTHER ARTISTS. ____________

16) If providing your own flowers: Fresh flowers can be laid on your cake, around the base of the cake and on the table. The flowers will need to be provided by the bride or the florists and will need to be in arrangement with the base of the flowers cut. Roslynn will need to be informed prior to that flowers will be provided to ensure the proper tools are available during setup. ____________

17) Ornaments such as cake toppers can be given to RAD Designs within 30 days of delivery date. I will do my best to secure all items on the top of the cake. I am not responsible if desired topper does not fit or falls off of cake. ____________

18) If you choose to have your cake picked up, please ensure there is a clean, flat, LEVEL surface to set the cake on while driving. The cake is recommended to be transported on the front passenger seat of a car or in the back seat floor of a larger vehicle. It is not recommended that the cake be held during transit. Delivery tips will also be given at the time of pickup. The cake may/may not be placed in a closed box depending on size. RAD Designs will not be responsible for damage to a cake once it has been released over to another party. ____________


19) Decorating Fees: The decorating fee is based upon the amount of guests anticipated, the type of services desired, and decorating materials. Location fees will be charged if the decorating session is outside of the DMV area RAD Designs will inform the Client of this fee. If the total number of guests increases, it is the Clients responsibility to inform RAD Designs, and fees may apply. If the Client fails to inform RAD Designs of the increase in guests, RAD Designs is not responsible for quality of service. If decorating time allotted is less than 2 hours or if requested decor requires more staff members, additional fees will be applied. These costs will be discussed ahead of time. The Client is responsible for paying all fees associated with renting items from outside vendors, purchased items not included in the Decorator’s inventory, and food. ____________

20) It is the Client’s responsibility to communicate with the venue (hall, hotel, etc.) number of items needed for decorating such as: tables, chairs, and other specifics. Furthermore, it is the client’s responsibility to contact the venue and schedule a minimum of 2 hours for RAD Designs to perform the work. Some events may need more or less time, depending upon details required. If the venue will allow decorating the day before, RAD Designs will make every effort to accommodate this allowance. Just as it takes many hours to set up and decorate, it will also take time to break down all decorations. For this reason, Client agrees to schedule a minimum of 1 hour for breakdown. We will break down and put away tables and chairs. Breakdown does not include clearing and bussing of tables, trash, etc. This is the caterers’ or clients responsibility. It is the clients responsibility to communicate the time the event will conclude so RAD Designs can collect rented items in a timely manner. In the case your event is running past time,  additional time may be requested in a timely manner. If enough time is not given, breakdown will start at the regularly appointed time. Arrangements may also be made for next day pickup if the venue allows. If items need to be left overnight, client is responsible for replacing missing or damaged items. If the event is at a venue where no set conclusion time has been contracted (ie. rented space from 4pm-8pm), RAD Designs may contact the venue to establish a time to collect rented items. ____________

21) RAD Designs will do a one-time site visit with or without the client for venues we have not visited previously. Any additional requests to site visit will be a fee of $25.00. ____________

22) Any damage or missing items will incur a total replacement fee. The items that are set up for the event are the property of RAD Designs and/or her vendors. Request to keep personalized items may be made, but must be approved by RAD Designs first before taking items. ____________

23) RAD Designs reserves the right to use any photographs of the finished space for promotion without compensation. Also, any recognition given to RAD Designs (via email, text message, social media, etc.) may be used by Roslynn for creditability/ testimonial purposes. ____________

24) RESERVATION DEPOSIT & PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Upon signature, the Decorator reserves the time and date agreed upon, and will not make other reservations for that specific time and date. For this reason, the deposit of 30% of the balance stated is non - refundable, even if the event date is changed or event cancelled for ANY reason. The deposit is applied towards the total balance upon completion and submission of this Contract. The 30% deposit reserves the date and covers substantial cost of materials purchased for the decorating session. In some cases if more expensive and customizable items are needed, the Client will be required to pay a 50% deposit. The Client understands and agrees that the remaining balance amount owed is due 2 weeks PRIOR to the decorating session. ____________

25) INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: This Contract is not to be construed as an employment agreement in any way. The Decorator functions as an independent contractor only employed by RAD Designs.

Client understands that the RAD Designs is a professional and does not need to be monitored or supervised as work is performed. It is preferred that the Client or other person does not arrive before the first decorating hour and a half as elapsed. If other vendors or other persons do need to arrive during the decorating time, please inform RAD Designs ahead of time. ____________

26) CANCELLATION: In the event the Client must cancel the contracted services for decorating on this

Contract, all payments, including the initial non - refundable deposit, paid to date will be forfeited. The Client may receive a credit minus cost of already ordered items towards an available future date as agreed upon by Director of Events Roslynn Davis of RAD Designs and Client. All cancellations should be put in writing and emailed to Roslynn Davis at: ____________


27) VENDORS: Outside vendors may be referred to Client. Client understands and agrees that

RAD Designs is not responsible for poor services rendered by any vendor. It will be the Client’s responsibility to settle all grievances and discrepancies with the vendor directly. RAD Designs will not refund any fees in the instance that a vendor is not satisfying to any client. ____________



RAD Designs guarantee is to provide you with the best product and service possible. At RAD Designs it is understood that this is your special day and want to make this process as easy as possible for you. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please inform me and I will make sure that I do my very best to answer your questions and ease your concerns


By signing this contract, paying a retainer fee (non refundable deposit), and sending/accepting payment, the client and RAD Designs agree to these terms and conditions. These documents may be used in a court of law in the unlikely event of a lawsuit.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      -COVID-19 (Updated 3/16/2020) 

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